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Terms of Use

  • DJP collects very basic site analytics for internal use. We use this data to focus development efforts on the features of the site that are used the most. The data collected is focused on which pages are viewed and for how long, but may include other data as required. This information may be kept indefinitely, but is purged periodically at our discretion. Site administrators can request data purges as well.
  • We do not, and will not, share analytics or user data we collect with anyone outside of DJP, unless required by law.
  • DJP does not utilize third party analytics tools on our web sites.
  • DJP does not intentionally include page elements from other sites, aside from the libraries required to make the site functional, or as requested by users of the site.
  • Our websites utilize a minimal number of third-party code libraries, such as jQuery and FontAwesome, and we link to those libraries on their original sites to ensure we are using the latest, most secure and reliable versions of the code. This does, however, enable those sites to collect analytics data. We have no control over if or how those other may sites collect information. We do not intentionally share data with them, and any data collection is incidental and required in exchange for utilizing that code. We do, however, attempt to keep the use of third-party code to an absolute minimum.
  • DJP will, at the request of a registered user on the site, remove personal information such as name, addresses, telephone numbers.
  • DJP reserves the right to hide, delete, or censor any material posted to the site for any reason, particularly if it may be considered illegal, offensive, hateful, or mean-spirited, or in any other way be contrary to the spirit or values embraced by the company, its members, and/or site-specific administrators.
  • DJP may delete or block accounts or users that appear to be fake or are used for purposes considered unacceptable based on the terms mentioned above, when it affects performance of the site or its ability to function as designed, or whenever there appears to be malicious intent. For paid accounts, refunds may or may not be made at our discretion.